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Chino, CA - Drywall Services and Drywall Repairs

This condo had a roof leak and caused water and mold damage to the master bedroom ceiling. We opened the drywall and found wet drywall and insulation , we cut all the wet and moldy drywall approx 4 feet by 8 feet . This ceiling plywood was still wet so we had to set up a dehumidifier to help relieve the moisture in the ceiling and to help stop mold growth. After the mold samples passed from the lab. We can know put the insulation and drywall back in the ceiling, next we can start taping ,1st and 2nd coat , next we spray texture to match existing, then we finalize with primer and paint to match.

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Chino, CA - Drywall Services and Drywall Repairs

Partition Wall.

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